Clothes dryer vent cleaning saves money!

      One of the problems that we often see, particularly in newly built homes, is the twisting and turning of the ductwork systems between the walls of the house. Every time the dryer ventilation systems makes a turn to the left or to the right, upward or downwards, this provides a unique opportunity for the lint and debris to buildup and hamper the efficiency and safety of your system. Not only that, but these corners and angles are the perfect, cozy environment for creatures and critters to build their nests.

Clothes dryer vent cleaning saves lives!

     The standard lint traps found in our residential clothes dryers do not always catch 100% of the lint, dirt and debris that accumulates as our clothes tumble around in the dryer. A significant portion of this hazardous material flows right past the lint trap and directly into our HVAC ventilation systems. Many homeowners assume that the lint and debris will automatically be blown outside into the open air at this stage, but this is not always the case.

    Clothes dryer vent cleaning should be considered when your dryer takes longer than usual to dry a regular load. Our clothes dryers are fairly simple machines, but there can be some major differences between the various types of dryer ventilation systems in the numerous name brands. Some models may be gas powered designs while others are operated simply by plugging it into a normal electrical outlet. Some are designed to turn off after your preselected drying cycle has run its course while others will use a moisture sensory or thermostat control device to automatically shut off when the clothes are dry. Do you know which type of dryer you have in your home?